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How the Plan works

Weight loss is about creating an energy deficit. Put simply, that means energy in vs energy out. Our Plan makes weight-loss science practical and life-compatible by assigning all foods with a ProPoints value.


For good health and weight loss

The Plan incorporates our Good Health Guidelines. These handy guidelines tell you the minimum serves you need in each food group. Think of them as the food team that will help you lose weight and become familiar with what balanced, healthy eating looks and tastes like. Give your body the best foods and you’ll love losing weight.


So what is a ProPoints value?

Other diets use kilojoules alone, but we have a more accurate way of evaluating food for weight loss. Our new ProPoints system is based on the latest nutritional science. We take into account the way our body processes the four important macro nutrients in foods: protein, fibre, fat and carbohydrates. This formula determines the ProPoints value of a food.


Your food 'budget'

Eating to your assigned ProPoints budget will help you learn to balance healthy choices and treats to achieve weight-loss without feeling deprived or hungry. There will always be room for dessert, wine or chocolate! Best of all, this easy technique will help you keep weight off for good.

learn more to make more filling choice

You can eat more and lose weight

We all love a bargain and freebie! As you follow the Plan, you'll learn clever ways to make your ProPoints budget stretch further:

Bargains: Filling & Healthy Foods

Throughout our programme books and recipes, you'll find foods marked with a green triangle or green font. These Filling & Healthy Foods are nutritionally superior as they're higher in fibre and lower in salt, fat and sugar. By choosing to eat lots of Filling & Healthy Foods, you'll stay fuller for longer and use less ProPoints budget - more room for treats and foods you love!

Freebies: Zero fruits and vegetables

On the Plan, all fresh fruits and most vegetables are free from ProPoints values. Snack on them whenever your tummy grumbles or add them to salads and desserts to help fill you up. This means you can eat whenever you're hungry without tapping into your ProPoints budget.

some delicious choice for just few propoint

On Days you don't want to track

Weight Watchers Filling & Healthy Foods provide added flexibility. On a Filling & Healthy Day you focus on eating Filling & Healthy Foods without counting their ProPoints values or portion sizes. Instead you use your levels of satisfaction as your guide to how much to eat. You can add a Filling & Healthy Day to any day of the week.


What about exercise?

Cheese cake
When it comes to exercise, we have three different types of guidance: for those starting out, for good health and what’s effective for keeping weight off. Starting safely: aim to earn 1-3 activity ProPoints values per day. For good health: The Good Health Guidelines recommend exercising for 30 minutes at least 5 times per week. Keeping weight off: Earning 4-6 activity ProPoints values per day is the amount to be shown the most effective for people to keep the weight they’ve lost off for good.

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